Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Happy Birthday My Sir!

Hello everyone,

Today is a special day,  my beloved's Birthday.

 It is a very special Birthday.....

AT the weekend  we had a lovely lunch at a local hotel. Eighteen of us all together,  cake and balloons, super food, family and friends. A day to treasure.

Happy Birthday darling, my best friend,  I will love you always.

The grands had fun together and today we are now  back to just the three of us. Surprisingly grand girl was happy to stay and let mummy and daddy  return home without her. We are in week two now, and are getting tireder by the hour, lol.  Still having fun, we are finally in a semblance of a routine.The weekend seems a long way off though.

Guess what I am missing though.....
I wish......

Well deserve is perhaps pushing it as I haven't had the time or energy to be naughty. I am going to save it all up for next week. It is more of a want, greedy girl that I am ;)

Oh Golly, who knew? When I can't have one, and there is no chance of one for another five days I suddenly am quite desperate to be spanked......

Yes,those needs


How contrary of me.  If a spanking was on the cards I probably wouldn't one, but now I find myself rather keen. Wonder how up for it I will be at the weekend when he is doling out his Birthday spanking. Probably be  wishing  he was a lot younger, lol.

Hope you all are having a good week,
Love Jan, xx

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day  to you all.

Sadly for us this is a very unlikely scenario as we have a special little visitor....
I fear I am coming second place this year.......

Yep, she has come to stay by herself while some work is being done on their house (convenient that it is Valentine's day and they have an empty nest , hmm, what timing...)

And just in time it appears that her favourite phrase is 

"I  Love  You."

How lucky we are to have such a sweet little bunny in our midst.

It is a good job that we love her too as the journey home was three and a half hours and she talked non stop. I will need those handcuffs and whipped cream at the end of  her stay. Lol....
Just saying.....

Hope you all have a great time whoever you spend it with ;)

Have fun everyone!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Entering Ella's Olympics!

Hello everyone,

Thought I would enter Ella's olympic meme. Can't let the side down in England, although I fear we sadly won't be achieving great heights on the medal table in South Korea .

1, If you could go back in time to when you were a child for only one day, what would you want to do?

I would love to go back to the day I was taken to see ballroom dancing for the first time. I was taken by some friends of my parents  supposedly to keep their daughter company. In reality I think they knew exactly what they were doing for me. It changed my life in a heartbeat and I would love to be able to go back in time and thank them.....

2. What is your favourite poem? Of you do not have one please tell us about lyrics to a special song.

 I am not  a fan of poetry but love lots and lots of music. The lyrics to Close your Eyes make me cry every time I hear Michael Buble sing it...

3. Name something you wish someone would invent?

I don't think I am very ambitious, I have few ideas here, maybe some one could invent chocolate, biscuits and cake that were actually good for you...

4. Think of the phrase "There oughta be a law..." What is your idea of a law that ought to be, silly or serious?

"There oughta be a law that says old people who have poor eyesight and bad reflexes are made to stop driving!" Just saying....

5. What sort of amenities would there be in your dream kitchen or bathroom? If you could remodel what would you do?

What about one of those in the kitchen maybe, lol. Actually I am the luckiest  here as I have had both, the bathroom a few years ago, all white and shiny and a new kitchen just last year.I got to choose everything I wanted, and I love it. The thing I had never had before was a dishwasher  and I am so glad I had that!

6. What do you love about winter? What do you hate about winter?

I love to see the frosty snowy weather, when I am tucked up inside by the fire.
I am not so keen on the biting wind and the endless rain.

7. Tell us one thing about your Mother you have tried to emulate in your life ? Tell us something you have tried to do differently.

With my hand on my heart I can honestly say I never want to do anything she did. I try to do everything differently. When I was young I tried so hard to emulate a friend's mum and I still try to follow her ideals and do for others what she did for me. I have always tried to pass it forward. Indeed I now help one of my former pupils in a similar way. she knows she is to carry on the tradition.

8. What was the most special gift you received for Christmas this year? Please tell us why.

I received a framed photo of our two acquired Grands. On the tag it said to Grandma and Grandad. It was such a sweet photo, they had been all dressed up and it was taken specially for us. I loved it, in fact I cried when I opened it.

9. Tell us about a regret from your childhood. It could be something you did or something you didn't do

In truth I was always much too scared to do anything I shouldn't have, a proper scaredy cat.
I wish I could have been braver as a child and as a teenager. 

10. If you were being sent off to  a desert island forever and there was only one book you could read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I honestly don't know if I can answer this, I read voraciously and the thought of only one book being available to me is awful. I think I would try and smuggle a suitcase full

11.Name three qualities you look for in a friend.


Shared interests ;)

12. What is the oldest book you own?

I think the books I have from my childhood, all my Enid Blyton's. From fairytales to The Famous five. I am now sharing them with my Grand babies.

13. Not that they would necessarily except your advice, but what bits of guidance would you give a young person in today's world?

I have always told my boys and now the grands that this is the most important thing .
Also I would tell them all to learn to read as everything else is much harder if you don't have this skill. 

14. What is your favourite comedy movie and Why?

No idea, I have films I like, but a specific comedy , no not really. Maybe I have no sense of humour........

15. Are there any calendar dates that always make you feel sad or reflective? Name one and tell us why?

This was the Birthday of a dear friend of mine and after he died I cannot help but think of him every year. He was such a nice man, and so sadly missed.

Thanks Ella for the meme, hope everyone joins in.
love Jan, xx

Friday, 26 January 2018

Five Years on, less Gloss and Glimmer!

Hello everyone,

Today it is five years since I started my little blog. It is a few months more than that since Hubby and I embarked on this thing we do. Have our lives changed? Immeasurably. Not all to do with ttwd but it has had a lot to do with our continued happiness and our ability to deal with the things that have happened to us over the last few years.
My posts are usually all gloss and glimmer, so for a change I thought I would talk about how things have changed for me,  out here in the land, with the friendships I have made, blogging itself and in our ttwd relationship.

So since I started out with ttwd...............

I used to
think he would never spank me, especially with the arsenal of implements he has amassed. Who knew we would ever own a paddle or leather handcuffs....

He does. Yay!!! And employs his weapons of a** destruction to full intent.

I used to
think we would never get it right.

I know there is no right or wrong,  we all have to find our own route to happiness.

I used to
think it would be impossible to wade our way through, to understand what we both needed/wanted  from such a different lifestyle.

I have learned, as has he, to communicate, to bare our souls (along with my posterior), to become so much more aware of each other. We are closer, happier, more attuned to each other., more in love than ever.

I used to
believe everything I read out here, trust all and worry about everyone and everything. It is such a sensitive subject, our hidden  lifestyle, that when people reach out to you it is hard not to worry. This has troubled me a great deal. I especially struggle when people disappear for no apparent reason and with no warning.

I have learned who my friends are, who I can trust implicitly and most important of all for me I have learnt to remove myself when I am upset out here. I absolutely hate confrontation, I would rather walk away but until recently I have found that so difficult.

I used to
always be wanting more. At least I thought I did. More rules, more dominance, more punishments even. Just more....

I like the idea of it, and yes he does do those things . 

 I know myself, I want exactly what I have. I don't need to be told what to do, He will never need to spank me for not doing the ironing, lol. I don't need a rule to not drive like a maniac, and if he wants me to do something for him he only has to ask.

 He would like that!

I used to
think Submission was the aim of any ttwd wife. How daft I was, we started this thing we do to bring fun and laughter into our lives. I am never going to be much of a submissive, he is never going to be much of a dominant.
That he is.....

I know submission may be the ambition of many, but for us it is not wanted.
I am  bossy, he is easy going. Will he  spank me for that? No! (Well, occasionally, when I tip him over the edge and I freely admit to my bossiness far out weighing his geniality). I may be bossy but I do want to please him. Sometimes I have read things out here that a wife will class as submission and I will think to myself surely that is just what you do for the person you love.  I wonder maybe I am more submissive than either of us thinks. I  do love it when he is pleased with me, being his good girl is vital.For me personally, kindness is a far better trait than submission and this I aim for every day.I will admit to bad days here, though I have never  had a spanking for being unkind!

I used to
think our version was not the real McCoy, that we were a poor imitation in the world of ttwd. I live largely without rules. (Yay!), punishments are few and far between, we are just plodding on......

I think we are as real as anyone, we are all okay in our own way. Our way is gentle and jolly.  I am pretty good  and the spankings here are almost always giggly and teasing. There have been a few I have not been so happy to receive but in five years not a lot.
I will always struggle when I read of couple's lives filled with angst and dilemmas as they try to make a path that often only one of them seems  to want. I always hope that at some point they realise compromise is one of the  biggest assets you can bring to a marriage, along with oodles of  love.

I used to
worry that  I would offend someone, my blog would bore everyone silly, that these people I was telling my secrets to would dislike me.

I still try not to offend. There are blogs I won't read, won't comment on as I either don't believe them, don't trust them or simply just don't want to. For me out here, this has been the hardest thing to overcome. I basically like to please, it has taken five years to learn that it is okay to have my say and even say no.
On the other hand there are some fabulous blogs and bloggers, people I identify with, some I am envious of, some I am amused by and some I simply love.
Over the last five years I have made some amazing friends, both here in England and across the oceans. Never would I have dreamed of being able to meet these girls in real life. Who knew when we all started our secret, code-named blogs that we would be able to  cross over  into real life friendships, exchanging parcels and gorgeous pictures of our families, sharing our lives as if we lived next door!

I realise as I write this just how lucky I have been in our journey. No, I have always known that I am a lucky girl. I have a wonderful husband and family, a lifestyle I love. Our retirement is rich in happiness if not actual riches, lol. I feel like the bubble will burst, I do so hope not....

Thank you all, my friends for enriching my life. I hope you are all as happy as me. May we all still be here wittering on in another five years. May we all have met up by then , trip to the Castle anyone?

Cheers Everyone!

Much love 


Monday, 22 January 2018

January Thoughts....

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy. I don't know about the rest of you but this month is....



you know....

sort of.....


Oh my stars! It has rained and rained, constant  soggy greyness, bleached skies, unending drizzle. 
I know January is traditionally a bit of a depressing drab month, lots of bills, lots of cold ( except for, Lindy and Roz, whom we are all jealous of), and the gloom after the Christmas sparkle. Can I just say I am only whining a little bit, I have the utmost sympathy for all of you who have terrible weather conditions. We in England are very lucky, windswept and damp but lucky.

I decided to try and find some nice bits of January, so here goes.

I can do that!

Actually I am not too ambitious, family is always my priority. Hubby has a special Birthday next month and I am taking him on a holiday to celebrate. We are off to traipse the Scottish Highlands by Railway for a few days ( he has always wanted to do this so off we go). 
I want to live my life just as I am, caring for my beloved and my children and grandchildren. 
Also I will continue to care for my wonderful parents in law and fight for them in their care home.
 As far as ttwd goes  it is always there, somewhere, in our own way. Maybe we are not as profound as some but it is fine just as it is, a gentle fun sort of life.

The January flower is Carnation, so here for you all

Happy January my friends!

The January Birthstone is Garnet

More red, 
I sense a theme, so here are a few more jolly reds for January

Nice outfit, perfect for the main event

That would jazz up the mopping!

I quite fancy being a red head, might give that a go. I have the behaviour down pat already;)

Not very warm for January, lol

More pink than red, I am usually done by the pink stage thanks very much!
(No it isn't me, sadly I am a bit  lot chubbier).

There hasn't been an awful lot of action of the spanky kind hereabouts, so I have no jolly exciting tales to tell. There is not much angst or great drama to report. ( Which is actually good news even if it does make for a boring blog post). I have been my usual angelic self and so plodding on is the order of the day. The spankings are of the fun variety and nothing you all need to know about is talking place.

I will report on the spanky Christmas gift we gave to son number two and his other half. ( Leather handcuffs, a paddle and crop) On Christmas morning we received a picture of her in her Christmas apron amongst the kitchen preparations, grinning widely and holding the crop......
Not sure it will stay in her hands but who knows, I am not asking. At least they didn't recoil in horror and  we are still on speaking terms. Their relationship is thriving, we have acquired two more ready made grands, one of each, little lovelies.

Now a few pics that always cheer me up whatever the colour:

That first moment

The nicest position

The bestest implement

I think maybe they do.....

Hope all of you are enjoying January, 
much love


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends in Blogland. Thank you all for coming here to visit, I am so lucky to have made so many friends, real and cyber! I hope you all have a great night tonight and 2018 will be happy and healthy for all of you.

May all your spankings be good ones and your punishments be few ;)

Good thing to remember, or even a new years resolution....

lots of love 
Jan and John,